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Writing Otherwise

I defended my PhD in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies (Carleton University) in 2023.

Since then, I’ve been slowly working on the development of, a website dedicated to showcasing a range of unconventional dissertations, beginning with the 50 or so I analyzed over the course of my PhD research.

Progress is slow but steady, and I could really use help. If you’re interested in lending a hand, please get in touch.

Examining the Sociorhetorical Dimensions of Failures

When I’m not working full-time or volunteering, I am collaborating with Dr. Katja Thieme. Katja is a brilliant writing and rhetorical genre studies scholar at the University of British Columbia.

At the Canadian Association of Studies in Discourse and Writing conference this June 2024, we plan to present insights from our rhetorical genre analysis of a corpus of ‘shadow CVs’—loosely defined as dossiers that focus on failures, missed opportunities, and rejections.

We ask: (1) How are experiences of failure conceptualised and recontextualised through other genres such as the shadow CV? (2) What do shadow CVs reveal about academic social practices, particularly with regards to maintaining or subverting the status quo? We intend to argue that understanding how failure figures in researchers’ narratives represents a critical and necessary element in identifying alternative measures, practices, and infrastructures that are required to sustain non-traditional research.

Past Research

To view descriptions and links for previous research I’ve completed, click here.